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Consulting Services

Border provides expert consulting services in areas like Integration, Big Data and related technologies. Our consultants can partner with your organisation and bring the required competencies and skills to the table, making sure that your most challenging projects get delivered in a timely and successful manner. Our highly skilled, cost effective consulting services are available in a format suitable for your needs, be it on-site, nearshore or fixed price.

Our skills

Your data is talking, are you listening? Your company is producing massive streams of data every day, and to overlook the advantages it can deliver is to overlook your business. At Border we have extensive experience in delivering value to organizations by extracting knowledge from vast amounts of data. Using state-of-the-art techniques and tools we help you to dive deep into your data and to unlock its full potential.

IT Operations – Fewer errors, faster operations, and leaner structures among other capabilities. Our big data solutions for IT operations provide total and continuous visibility to your infrastructure state. No matter if on the cloud or on premises, we help your IT to deliver better services.

Application Analytics – Detailed in-depth monitoring of your application’s performance made simple. overcome your customer expectations by delivering outstanding experiences.

Business Analytics – Listen to your data: benefit from valuable insights that are flowing throughout your company. We provide real-time understanding of process transactions and business metrics correlations that are deeply hidden within your data. Adapt better to new scenarios, adjust faster to new changes.

Security – New technologies pose new security challenges, companies have to cope not only with a growing number of threats but also with more sophisticated ones. We help you to detect real hazards among millions of data events precisely.

Modern companies have an increasing number of enterprise applications and systems in their IT landscape. Integration is about using technology to create a flawless data interchange between such applications and systems. With Border you can benefit from our solid expertise on integration, acquired from projects around the world, in areas like:

Enterprise Application Integration – EAI provides a way to isolate the application specifics from the rest of the IT ecosystem. Functionality is exposed in a common way, avoiding point-to-point architectures.

Service Oriented Architecture – SOA means encapsulating application functionality as atomic services that can be reached using standard protocols, in order to be easily reused throughout the company.

Business Process Management – BPM is a combination of modeling, execution, and control of business activities. The end goal is the optimization of the business processes, leading normally to its automation.

Microservices – An SOA variant architectural style, which focuses on more fine-grained services. Teams are usually small and autonomous and are able to develop, deploy and scale their respective services independently.

In order to deliver the functionalities that a business demands, complex IT projects commonly require the use of different technologies combined.

At Border we complement our areas of expertise with the ability to deliver custom developed software and to merge different technologies to fulfil our clients’ most sophisticated requirements. Machine learning, Data mining, Python, Java, Angular, Node and many more. You name it, we use it.

But we also care about on how you manage the software that we deliver. That’s why we are deeply engaged in container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes that help manage your delivery pipeline.

While mastering technologies is key to achieve high quality, excellence can only be obtained with agile processes and methodologies. We are a strong believer and advocate of methodologies like Scrum, Kanban and DevOps.

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