Improving observability for support teams with ESI

From minutes to instant results with ESI at Vodafone

“ESI improved our work by reducing the time spent doing searches to locate the tickets with problems.

From minutes to instant results!”

Introducing the ESI Service Monitor to help improve ESB operations and observability for operation teams at Vodafone Group.

In a complex ESB ecosystem with multiple countries involved, ESI was a fundamental change of strategy for the digital operations group, to reclaim control and ownership of their ESB system.

Find your problems quicker than ever, go from minutes to instant results with ESI. Access more information about your enterprise services. Perform error based search. Segment the data between the different client systems.


How did ESI help?

  • Input and output payload access
  • Reduced search time, using any key
  • Service Timeline
  • Search by errors

“ESI showed us the full flow of the services and their timeline since the information enters the ESB until it leaves”

“By using a BigData platform, we can now log and access the full inputs and outputs of any service on the platform…”

“One practical example where ESI helped us, was an issue we were having in the ESB response times. We were having frequent timeouts and we used ESI to detect when these timeouts were occurring.”

ESI Impact in numbers

percentage of payload coverage
seconds average search time