ESI: Enterprise Service Intelligence


Enterprise-wide Visibility from a Single Standpoint

Enterprise Service Intelligence allows you to monitor the whole IT systems landscape from a single standpoint. By installing ESI, you tap into the richness of your data flows in realtime, both for operational and business purposes. Get full visibility over the state of your systems and anticipate issues before they escalate. Track business performance, perform streaming data analytics and gain valuable inputs for decision-making.

The ESI approach

Enterprise IT problems can escalate quickly and become costly. In modern companies, digital processes are supported by several platforms interconnected by a mesh of enterprise services which, due to their distributed nature, are hard to track. Nonetheless, they are as vital to your company as the platforms that support them. Can you afford the downtime? ESI monitors and manages your enterprise services. It captures service execution data to build a living representation of what goes on your Enterprise IT, providing visibility over the status of your enterprise services and platforms. ESI uses Big Data to process, in real-time, the huge volume of data that is being generated continuously. Some ESI dashboards show you the big picture by aggregating data – for example, the average response times of a service or the status of a platform. Others let you drill-down and find out exactly what happened in a particular service invocation. No valuable detail is lost. And since dealing with all this complexity and data volume is overwhelming for humans, ESI uses AI and Machine Learning algorithms to direct attention to where it is needed.

Discover how your teams can benefit from ESI

IT management

  • Quickly view the status of the IT infrastruture, get the big picture but also a portrait of each system
  • Drill-down and investigate specific issues in detail with multidimensional data, stop spending hours trying to find a needle in the haystack
  • Receive intelligent and meaningful alerts when something is not right, no more “the boy cried wolf” syndrome
  • Gain insights over IT load and it’s relation with service usage. Identify trends early on and ditch the crystal ball for capacity planning exercices

Business units

  • Know how your KPI’s are performing with real-time advanced visualizations
  • Perform aggregations or drill-downs on events and take advantage of all the benefits of a modern analytic tool
  • Create new dashboards, decide who can access them, set threshold alarms and much more with the simplicity of a mouse click
  • Discover how your existing business processes are performing and how they can be improved

Corporate security

  • Rely on real-time surveillance anomaly detection and artificial intelligence to keep everything working and protected
  • Detect unauthorized access attempts
  • Keep track of your enterprise services activity
  • Monitor access patterns and receive instant notifications over unauthorized access attempts and much more

Case Stories

Optimizing new mobile channels

“We would need twice the effort to produce similar results”

40% performance improvement
200% task-force efficiency increase
3 complex cross-team finger-pointing issues solved

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Finding root-cause of a major issue

“ESI was instrumental in quickly identifying the issue with our authentication system”

Root-cause of the problem found quickly
Thousands of daily authentication failures fixed
Online platforms back to 99.99% uptime

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Instant results in support tasks

“ESI is a fundamental component to identify problems in integration services”

Access service execution flow and timeline
Visualize full inputs and outputs of any service
Find the failed service executions by error type

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What can ESI do for your company?

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